Romantic Gift Idea: Custom Musical Compositions

Requiem for You is a unique business concept that will give your loved one a holiday gift they will never forget. To immortalize or celebrate that special person in your life, you can have a customized musical composition developed with their inspiration.

For those who have a strong grasp on the classical music world, you can select two options; the composition of a Requiem, which is typically used as an honorarium for the dearly departed, or a Laudation; a biographically based musical depiction of a story. Of course, if your gift recipient has not already crossed through those pearly gates, the later would be a more cherished selection, or it may be seen as a threat…just a thought.

The company does not require that you have any musical knowledge of your own; they will work with freelance composers and artists, orchestras and recording studios to make the musical memories happen; the process constantly overseen by their artistic panel of directors. They are also open to completing shorter, less epic pieces and will include lyrics or vocals if requested.

If it’s not enough to have their enchanting musical composition recording wrapped and tucked away under the tree this year, Requiem for You will arrange a performance. Depending upon your preferences (and presumably, budget), they can setup an audio listening, intimate instrumental performance, or concert with complete orchestra. Santa definitely can’t fit that in his sled.

Fees are not surprisingly, unlisted; you have to contact them and discuss your ideas. However, I think it goes without saying that such an endeavor comes at a big cost. So, if you’re considering this for a holiday gift, you’d better choose someone very special.

This business concept feels to me like one born when an entrepreneur wanted to profit upon their musical dreams. And why not? Some of the best ideas occur this way. So, what’s yours?

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