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10 Iconic Designs From Ron Arad's "Restless" London Retrospective

If restlessness stirs one to burst through the ceiling and tear the house walls down, then Ron Arad does just that to the "house" of (D)esign.  And you can be a witness to that at the Barbican Art Gallery in London until May 16, 2010, or you can take a peak at 10 inspired members of the Ron Arad: Restless collection right here.  

Some architects dabble in design.  Ron Arad is an architect who does not distinguish between architecture and design, nor sculpture, for that matter.  You will find that to be so in these examples of Arad's vast contributions to the worlds of architecture, design, and sculpture, and to the art world in general.  

Arad is afraid of nothing; no medium, no size, no notion that is unconventional.  He experiments.  He plays... and you get to relive his pleasure through his work.  Restless is a 30-year retrospective of Arad's greatness... and he is still young.


1. Lolita SMS Chandelier, Ron Arad

Send this Swarovsky crystal Lolita a text message and she will scroll it right down her thrilling Art Deco swirl. Like I said, Arad is intrepid.


Lolita SMS Chadelier by Ron Arad: © Jeni RodgerLolita SMS Chadelier by Ron Arad: © Jeni Rodger


(Unfortunately, I was not able to get Lolita's number.)


Lolita SMS Chadelier by Ron Arad: via MoCoLolita SMS Chadelier by Ron Arad: via MoCo


2. Desk, Ron Arad


Desk by Ron Arad: ©fawcettwolfDesk by Ron Arad: ©fawcettwolf


3. Moreover Rover Chair, Ron Arad

Arad first designed the Rover Chair in 1981 in leather, inspired by the Rover automobile seat, on a black steel frame.  He has re-designed the Rover Chair periodically, but this stainless steel Moreover Rover Chair is his latest.


Moreover Rover Chair by Ron Arad: © Jeni RodgerMoreover Rover Chair by Ron Arad: © Jeni Rodger


Here is an earlier version of the Rover Chair:

 Leather Rover Chair by Ron Arad: © Jeni RodgerLeather Rover Chair by Ron Arad: © Jeni Rodger



4.  Rocker, Ron Arad

Rock on in stainless steel....


Rocker by Ron Arad (Stainless Steel)Rocker by Ron Arad (Stainless Steel)