Roo Poo and Other Wacky Products from Australia

Australia is a wonderfully country and Australians are great people. One of the things that I find most endearing about them is their terrific sense of humor. In thinking about the Wacky Products Gallery that we at are building to entertain you (as well to make the point that alot of wacky ideas turn out to be very sucessful products), I decided to see what folks around the world thought were good products to sell.

Since I like Australia and it starts with "A" just in case I decide later that I want to go around the world in alphabetical order, I decided to start there. Here are my picks for Australia's Wackiest Products, with some of the inventive marketing used by vendors to pitch these products:

7. Tailgator Totally Portable Gas Powered Blender


["It's the ultimate in Big Boy Toys putting the FUN in Functional." "At only 10 lbs., the Totally Portable TailGator® sports a 24cc 2-stroke engine which generates enough torque to whip up a pitcher of your favorite frozen beverage in just about 15 seconds. Its 48 oz. plastic pitcher is light-weight and detachable for easy pouring and clean-up. Now, could making girlie drinks be any more manly?" See it at

6. Mr. T Rubber Ducky


A rubber duck made to look like Mr. T or whomever you would like floating in the bathtub with you. This is "one the finest rubber ducks on the market." "Celebriducks manufactures exquisitely detailed limited edition collectible celebrity rubber ducks....Our ducks have received critical acclaim ... These collectibles are truly one of a kind and all new editions are individually numbered."See it at

5. Daiquiri Wacker


This is a totally gas powered blender. "Right about now, you might be wondering, Why the heck would anyone need a gas powered blender? Well, It's kinda like that famous saying... If you have to ask, you wouldn't understand. Take The Daiquiri Whacker to the beach, and you will wonder how you ever got by without one! Whip this baby out, fire her up, and control the mixing with the twist grip throttle and we guarantee there won't be an unsmiling face in the crowd! .......BE THE PARTY!!" See it at

4. The Crushed Can


"The Concept: It's not like this is rocket science or something. It's very simple. Its all ... about CrushedCans. Cans are cool, they are readily available, they are easy to crush and they are part of our everyday lives. So here is a place you can purchase a blank, sealed aluminum can that has been artistically crushed." See it at

3. Combination Blender and Telephone


It's a combination blender and telephone. It's fully functional as a telephone or blender. WHY? is the most FAQ ...It's for people who like to hear: "Where in the **** did you get this?" If you're looking for a sensible, mass-produced appliance, you're better off at [Sears]. If you want your friends to think you're insane, but quote you like God anyway, this is the appliance for YOU! The "ringer" is the blender motor,which pulses like a telephone bell, except angrier. To answer, pick up the pitcher out of the base and put it to your ear. Usually, the caller can hear the motor spinning down just after you pick it up. To hang up, replace the pitcher in the base, just like all the other boring telephones." See it at (Update: Item is no longer available.)

2. Fly-Powered Airplane Kit


"Looking for the perfect gift ? Well, you just found it. The gift that keeps on giving. Get your fat ass off the couch and away from the football games. Build a fly-powered airplane. It is more fun that a hot poker in the eye, and it is educational too! In fact you may even adopt a whole new attitude about learning. Give it a try and prove that what everyone is saying about you is untrue. Your're no idiot!" See it at

1. Kangaroo Poo in a Jar


"Kangaroo poo is our base product, our stock in trade. A Jar of kangaroo poo works as a great conversation starter when it's displayed prominently in your home. It also works as a great conversation stopper when the person you send it to opens the parcel! Not too many people expect to receive a jar of kangaroo poo! Kangaroo poo comes straight from the producer to you....well, we do the packaging but the kangaroos do most of the work. Suffice to say that it's untouched by human gland. 250 ml presentation jars of genuine dried kangaroo poo nuggets direct from the outback. They're attractively labeled (see the picture) with a description of contents and included with the package is a small fact sheet on the kangaroo." See it at (Update: Site is no longer available.)

I hope you like my picks. Hey, I think these are all from Australia but I was lazy and did not triple check (not even double check). They are still make me laugh, where ever they are from.

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