Roomette: A Lightweight Trailer That's Big On Inner Space

Have Roomette, will travel... and the heck with hotels, motels and inns! This compact on the outside, spacious on the inside reinvention of the tow-able trailer lets you take your bed and lie in it when the day's driving is done.

Roomette comes to us from Japan's Croco Art Factory with “Trailertechnik” engineering input from Germany's Knott GmbH. Croco Art Factory's Yoshiyasu Tokuda spent the bulk of his career designing concept and production vehicles for Japan's leading automakers, so he's got a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't.

With Roomette nothing works... until an external power source (usually a car) is connected, that is. This approach saves both manufacturing time, complexity and end user cost.

That said, the basic Roomette shell is optimized to accept most any mod cons the buyer requires. Even a hideaway rear cubby for an air conditioner is part of the package.

Roomette comes in two versions: Roomette Long is 15 feet in length (not including the trailer hitch) and weighs 490 kg (1,080 lbs). Roomette Short is just 12 feet long and weighs 450 kg or 992 lbs.

Both offer access via an enormous clamshell-style cargo door reminiscent of the type employed by the largest cargo planes of the world's air forces.

Croco Art Factory has priced Roomette at 2,180,000 yen (about $21,275) for the Long version and 1,980,000 yen (about $19,315) for its Short counterpart. The concept is unique enough to attract buyers; hopefully it won't act like other trailers and attract twisters. (via PingMag)