The Rooster Booster: Anti-Shrinkage Swimsuit for Men

It's beach season across North America, and while men and women are out there flaunting the beach bodies and catching a few rays, men are forever worrying about that decade old problem which hasn't left their minds since George Costanza swam in freezing cold water on that epic episode of Seinfeld.

Yes, we're talking about shrinkage, and while men might have been hitting the gym for months in order to prepare for beach season, their muscles are toned and ready to impress the bikini-clad ladies, but there's one part of their anatomy that just can't be controlled by pushups or bench presses.

The Rooster Booster swimsuit has a pocket in the front that protects against shrinkage and also guards against cold. Plus, it offers a little bit of male enhancement, so those toned bicep muscles aren't the only things on show when they hit the hottest beaches this summer.