Rotary Toothbrush Puts New Spin On Dental Hygiene

Still brushing your teeth? Well roll on up to the tooth care of tomorrow with the Kurun S-440 rotating toothbrush from New Century. This odd-looking toothbrush folds for travelers' convenience, which is nice, but its main claim to fame is its rotating circular brush head.

The roller head resembles those spinning brushes found at some car washes - a concept that perhaps inspired the designer of the Kurun S-440 toothbrush. The brush head is fitted with super-fine nylon yarn elements that, in combination with the changing angles presented when the brush head rotates in use.

Here's a somewhat disturbing video promo that shows the Kurun rotary toothbrush in action, both on an "everyday" model (who's not quite ready for her closeup, Mr. DeMille) and a set of exceptionally grotty false teeth:

The Kurun S-440 rotary toothbrush comes in white, black, blue or pink and costs 462 yen (about $5.25) each. Betcha can't wait to give it a spin! (via Impress Watch)