Rotator MP3 Player Puts A Spin On Mobile Music

With eco-friendly everything on the rise, designer Denis Kalinin has created the Rotator MP3 player, a clever way to have your music and charge it too.

The idea behind the Rotator is simple - to create an low-cost MP3 player that can be recharged by the user on the go. It accomplishes this by fitting over the index (or other) finger of the hand and including nothing more than a small control bar and audio jack. In order to charge the player no outlet is necessary, just the general compulsion we all share to spin objects on our fingers.

That's right, folks - the Rotator takes only the spinning of it right-round your fingertip to charge up and become ready for more on-the-go tunes.

Of course, there are a number of issues immediately apparent, starting with the fact that people who wing things around fingers a great deal also tend to send them flying off into the bushes on occasion, something that may not go well with the long-term and continued use of a Rotator.

We're also curious about the device's tagline - "through the ages, people like to rotate different things in hands" - uh, sure? We're not sure that "hey, you like to rotate stuff - through the ages!" is really the greatest selling point for this clever little contraption, but the idea certainly has merit.

Hopefully, some company will get around to making one.

Source: Tuvie