Rough Diamond Rings With Interchangeable Bling

Every woman loves a diamond whether she'll admit it or not, and for those who don't want the large, glittery bling, rough diamonds are another alternative. But with just one ring, the accessory can get a little boring so one designer has a solution - offering interchangeable bling.

Interchangeable RingInterchangeable Ring

R¿ng by Sruli Recht is a diamond ring, but you don't need to worry about the three C's here. The ring contains a rough, uncut diamond that offers more rustic beauty. Plus, to keep things interesting it comes with a total of three stones which are in different colors and shapes so they can be switched out to inspire any mood or outfit.

Rough, Uncut Diamond RingRough, Uncut Diamond Ring

Changing the stones on the ring is quite simple, they're each individually mounted with prongs and the whole setup can be screwed right into the white gold band. It's a unique look for the gal who loves diamonds or doesn't know it yet.

Don't expect that rough, uncut diamonds come at a discount though - they're unique, so you'll find that for these designs, you'll pay about as much as you would for one polished diamond.

Via: TechnaBob

Jul 21, 2011
by meggy

That's interesting, any

That's interesting, any woman would fall for that, I wonder what took so long to discover it and by the way these rough diamond rings are gorgeous, I can only imagine they are quite accessible too. I have a friend that owns a business to sell diamonds Scottsdale, so I learned few interesting details about these jewels too.