Bring the Water Park Home With the Motorized Bumper Boat

When I was a kid, I loved summer.  I was out of school, had a bike, had a pool, went to camp, etc.  It was great.  And it went by in a flash.

Now that I'm an adult loaded with responsibilities and working as an independent contractor, I don't like summer that much.  It kills my wallet (jobs in my field disappear for about 4 months), it's hot as hell (I'm in Florida-it's roughly 95º and muggy by 10:30 A.M.), I no longer have a pool, and I'm turning into a crabby old man.

But... if I did have a pool, I'd want this:

The Motorized Bumper Boat from ExcaliburThe Motorized Bumper Boat from Excalibur

Utilizing the same propeller design as a modern tugboat, these little inflatable boats scream through the water at a whopping 3 miles-per-hour!  While that speed isn't much to brag about, it is enough to plow into another bumper boat-which is what counts here, right?

The boat is made of .3mm thick PVC, so it hand a rider up to 200 pounds and take that intense 3 M.P.H pummeling.  The steering wheel is attached to a single azimuth thruster.  This is enclosed in a safety cage; even a propeller this small could lop off a finger or two.

It only takes a few minutes to inflate (the air pump is included) and can run for 4 hours on 6 D batteries (not included).

Time-travelling again back to my childhood...  I had to go to water parks to plow into friends with a bumper boat.  This little toy brings the fun right to the home pool.

But now I don't have a pool.

And that sucks.

Get your way-cool screaming at 3 miles-per-hour motorized bumper boat at Amazon or Hammacher-Schlemmer. (UPDATE: This motorized bumper boat no longer seems to be available. Perhaps these motorized bumper boats will work for you?)

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