Round Dog Porta Potty Encourages Canine Circling Instincts

You may not have thought about this yourself, but dogs tend to circle around before they poop.  With that in mind, PupGear, one of the originators of indoor potties for dogs, has created a circular two-piece potty system it calls the Go Spot® Circular Dog Potty System.


Go Spot Indoor Portable Dog PottyGo Spot Indoor Portable Dog Potty


Like the company's 'edgier' indoor potty systems, the Go Spot has a drainable artificial Pup Grass™ layer that's especially scented to attract dogs.  Supporting the Pup Grass is a hard plastic, grated tray that can be easily washed and hosed out after use, as can the Pup Grass. 


Go Spot Indoor Portable Dog PottyGo Spot Indoor Portable Dog Potty


The Go Spot Portable Dog Potty is available at  The 24 inch diameter of the Go Spot is not practical for medium or large dogs, unfortunately. The other drawback is that it doesn't come with a portable fire hydrant, lightly pee-scented, for male dogs. 

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Dec 30, 2011
by portable-toilet...

Love it

Now dogs can be civilized and have proper sanitation too!  Maybe we should add this to our line of portable restrooms and restroom trailers!