ROUSH Improves on 1 Horsepower...Seriously

Once again I find myself looking at something that I can't get over. ROUSH, famous for producing some of the fastest Ford Mustangs on the streets decided it was time to work on another kind of pony and this one doesn't have dual exhaust or a performance clutch.

The vehicle was designed for Kurt Systems, a Turkish racehorse and camel training equipment company. The front of the vehicle is an open stall that allows for the animal to be harnessed in. They are then allowed to run, trot or walk along with the oversized buggy trailing behind. Inside the cabin, 3 people will be monitoring the animals vital signs and progress. They will also be in charge of keeping the whole operation under control

The suspension system is derived from the Ford F150 truck chassis. To power the machine, ROUSH decided to go with a Volvo 2.4 liter inline-5. (You didn't expect the horse to pull the whole rig did you?) It goes to an automatic transmission and after some reduction gears, power hits the gravel via the rear wheels. It should be in production within the next 3 months.


Sep 22, 2008
by Anonymous