Royal Society Of Chemistry Weighs In On Best Hangover Cure


Oh, please don't take any hairs from me...: image via lugreen-lugreen.blogspot.comOh, please don't take any hairs from me...: image via Is it coffee, Coke, aspirin, or the 'hair of the dog?'  Is it cold pizza, chocolate milk, sauerkraut, or maybe a Bloody Mary?  What cures a hangover best?  The Royal Society of Chemistry has made a pronouncement....

It's natural honey on toast.

When you consume alcohol, it is converted to acetaldehyde by the liver. To ease this toxic substance out of the body, says Dr. John Elmsly of the Royal Society, you need fructose to convert it into acetic acid, so it can be burned by the body's normal metabolic process and breathed out of the body as carbon dioxide.

The honey helps the body break down the acetaldehyde and the bread adds potassium and sodium, which help the body deal with the stress of the alcohol. If worse comes to worse, Dr. Elmsly adds, you might try 'hair of the dog,' but if you need that, it means you are suffering from withdrawal, which may signal addiction issues. 

Dr. Emsley, author of The Consumer's Good Chemical Guide, also recommended ways one could lesson the effects of a hangover.  

Milk slows down the absorption of alcohol, so Emsley recommended starting out with a glass before imbibing.  Light colored alcohols, such as vodka and gin, are preferred over the dark ones, as they are more distilled than darker ones, and therefore contain fewer harmful chemicals. 

Dehydration is probably the most profound effect of drinking alcohol, and the recommendation for that is to have a drink of water or plain soda between alcoholic drinks, and to have a long drink of water before you go to bed.

I don't get to weigh in here, or I would give you my own recommendation!




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Dec 25, 2010
by Anonymous

Bloody mary

I think that when weighing the merits of hangover cures, one must also consider pleasure. A "medicine," which tastes awful is less likely to be taken. My vote goes to the bloody Mary! Cheers!