Royal Wedding PEZ Dispensers: The King's Sweets

PEZ makes around 80 million dispensers annually, most of them in China, but the special set of William and Kate PEZ dispensers available to eBay bidders from April 7 through 17 are priceless... literally. 
Priceless yes, free no – the Austrian-based candy company will be offering this special set of Royal Wedding PEZ dispensers only at the “eBay for Charity” auction site. The price you'll pay is the amount of the winning bid at the end of the auction on April 17, 2011.

Since it seems only a single set of Royal Wedding PEZ dispensers is up for auction, the winning bid just might be a king's ransom. It's all for a good cause, though: the proceeds are to be given to a charity chosen especially by Prince William and his fiancee, Kate Middleton. Will the winning bid beat the record $7,000 paid for a Mickey Mouse prototype PEZ dispenser? We'll find out soon enough!

“The excitement worldwide about William and Kate's forthcoming wedding was the perfect opportunity for us to create this uniquely designed PEZ sweet-dispenser,” stated Gabriele Hofinger, Head of Marketing at PEZ. “This wholly original item will symbolise appreciation for our extensive community of collectors as well as serving a charitable purpose. The 'eBay for Charity' auction enables us to achieve both these aims.”

PEZ Candy Inc., founded in 1927, has its headquarters in Traun, Austria. Though PEZ candies are made at factories in Traun and in Orange, Connecticut, PEZ dispensers are produced in Hungary and China. It's unknown whether Royal Wedding PEZ dispensers will be offered for retail sale once the charity auction ends, but it's very likely demand for the set from private collectors and the general public worldwide will convince the company to ramp up production.

Of course there are those who may feel the concept of The United Kingdom's future king and queen depicted as candy packaging is, shall we say, undignified. In defense of PEZ's designers, the princely pair will not extrude tasty candy bricks through their mouths. The plastic cases have been specifically engineered to flip back at the neckline – but really, we'd be surprised if the uber-collector who wins the auction even thinks about taking the dispensers out of their original packaging. (via Xinhuanet, Yahoo News, and MSNBC)