Relax While the 2010 Crazy Fit Massager Vibration Plate Tones You Up - Product Review

Let’s face it; we are pretty much all looking for a way to tone up our muscles without actually doing any work.  The vast majority of us do not like to exercise (and I think a lot of those who claim to like it actually don’t either).  There are constantly new machines and exercise programs coming onto the market claiming to be the quickest and easiest way to get in shape and maintain overall health. 

One of these ‘big benefit for little to no effort’ machines is the 2010 Crazy Fit Massager Vibration Plate.  This is a portable version of the larger vibration machines.  If you read up on any site that is touting this kind of exercise equipment you will find claims that vibration exercise tones muscles, increases blood flow, improves coordination and posture, builds bone density, boosts blood oxygenation, firms skin and lowers stress, among other things.  It is quite an impressive list of benefits, particularly for a device that you just stand on while you watch TV.

So does it work and is it worth the $225-250 price?  The reviews that I read suggest that if the machine arrives in good condition that you may be pleased with the results.  I saw a few complaints that the item arrived damaged or with parts missing and that the manufacturer was difficult to get a hold of and when they did respond, gave poor customer service.  Some said there were promises of replacement parts being sent, but that the parts never arrived.  Others mentioned that the instructions for product assembly (yes, you have to put it together when it comes) and the ones for product use are poorly translated into English and hard to follow.

The reviewers who were able to get the product properly assembled seemed pretty pleased with the results.  Some of the health benefits noted by actual users of the machine were: having more energy, feeling trimmer, better digestion and having less pain in injured body parts due to the increased circulation.  

Overall, the majority of users seem happy with their purchase and a few even mentioned how quiet the device is, so if it works, maybe you really can just watch TV while your body is getting a workout. (See Vibration Plate)



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