Rubik's Cube Bank Saves Your Coins, Leaves You Puzzled

Yes indeed, Speed Cubers of the world, thanks to Japan's MegaHouse you've now got an appropriate place to save all the loot you've made from winning Cubing competitions and, er, your paper route.

Introducing the Rubik's Cube Bank, an oversized version of the classic 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube that so enthralled and enraged quick-fingered gamers way back when Ronald Reagan ("the actor??") was president.

Measuring 100 x 100 x 100 mm or a four-inch square cube, for you non-metric folks (read: Americans), the Rubik's Cube Bank can hold up to a hundred 500 yen coins. At the current exchange rate against the Yankee Peso that comes to just over $600!

A Japanese 500 yen coin is 26.5mm (just over an inch) wide, or slightly smaller than a U.S. Half Dollar coin. One should be able to fit coins of smaller denominations through the slot built into the center yellow facet and maybe that's a good idea, because getting the money OUT of the cube isn't simply a matter of popping a hatch.

The Rubik's Cube Bank is first and foremost a Rubik's Cube in that it can be twisted into 6-colored chaos and back. It's the "back" that you want, if you want to access your coins: the bank won't open unless the user (or thief, whatever) manages to solve the green side of the cube. Just the green side... that's not too difficult, right?

According to reviewers at Japan Today, the Rubik's Cube Bank costs 3,150 yen (around $39) and is available at department stores and toy shops across Japan. Just remember: Jesus may save, but Cubers solve! (via Japan Today)