Ruffhides®: Rawhide Covers Keep Your Dog Busy For A Long Time


If your dog is woofing up his rawhide long before you've finished your daily meditation, you might want to look into getting a Ruffhide®.  It will be his next-best friend and it will give his very best friend some sorely needed personal time.


Ruffhide® with beefhide chewRuffhide® with beefhide chew

Not that Ruffhides take the place of you interacting with your dog - nothing replaces that. But Ruffhides fulfill a dog's hunting and chewing instincts, which you can't reasonably do. 

Made in the U.S. of sturdy rubber, Ruffhides are rawhide treat holders.  Your dogs can chew on them safely, doing the old massage-the-gums routine, and still have access to the now-more-valuable treat inside.  The secret is the rawhide treat only has limited access, so it lasts longer.  And as a bonus, the Ruffhide keeps your rugs and floors from getting gooey.

The Ruffhide comes in 'classic' size, that's 5 inches long, in blue, pink, and green, for dogs up to 60 pounds.  The Ruffhide is also available in 'supersize' in the same colors for larger dogs.  In addition to the Beefhide Refills for the Ruffhide, you can get Himalayan Dog Chew Refills or Beef Pizzle Refills.  

Take a look at how much dogs enjoy these novel treats....



Make sure you don't leave your dog alone with this toy for very long... dogs can destroy anything when they want to!

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