Rumors of RX7 Concept Could Mean End for RX8

Late last year, Mazda let it slip that they were revisiting the RX-7 and since then there have been countless renderings and relentless speculation. Now, many are questioning the feasibility of producing both the RX-8 and the RX-7 in today's economy.

It only takes one look at the sales figures to see the RX-8 is slowly but surely losing its footing in the sports car market. The first quarter of 2009 showed a nearly 50% drop in sales compared to the previous year and the introduction of the next generation Mazda Rotary is not expected to bring those numbers back up.

Assuming Mazda does move forward with the production of the RX-7, it will be the first production car to house the new Renesis X16 rotary powerplant. Thanks to a 300cc increase in displacement and some retuning, the X16 is said to be able to crank out 350hp and 215lb/ft. Assuming Mazda keeps the RX-7's lightweight roots, this will be more than adequate for the 2-seater sports car.

Current estimates put a production date for the RX-7 into the 2012 model year, with units arriving in late 2011.

Inside Line
Jan 12, 2010
by Anonymous

Id drive this

2 bad none for Rental market alone.;
Love to drive a rotory BUT Service by Mazda only vs Joes Garage down the street.

Darn service $$$$$

Mar 9, 2012
by vicjerry007

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