Running Through Rome: Sight Jogging’s Unique, Fast-Paced Sight Seeing Tours Keep Tourists Active

Sometimes tourists complain that sight seeing tours are too slow paced; often due to the size of the group, people on group tours find they just can't take in all the historical sights and attractions they'd like to see during that vacation. A new company, Sight Jogging, took the slow-paced tourism complaints literally, and offered their own unique form of historical sight seeing action with jogging tours.

The fast-paced sight seeing tours not only allow tourists to see more of the sites around Rome since they complete their tours at a higher speed, but they also keep tourists fit since the tours involve jogging through the sites while the guide provides the usual narration about the significance of the archeology and attractions.

Not only is it a unique way to check out St. Peter's Basilica or Piazza Navona, but tourists who go on a Sight Jogging tours can also indulge in that vacation restaurant fare without returning home to a wardrobe that's uncomfortably snug.

Sight Jogging charges by the hour, with rates for one person starting at 70 EURO and ranging to 140 EURO for a group of four. Sight Jogging picks their active clients up right from their hotels to start the tour of the local attractions around Rome.