Running Through Water--Pool Sprint

No matter how dense the smog where you live, air will never provide the resistance of water. Just try running or walking in a pool and you'll find that it's far more difficult than walking on flat, open ground can ever be. Designer Pyry Tamminen has capitalized on this added resistance in a little exercise device he's calling the "future of running."

Runners and non-runners looking for a new type of exercise should hope that the Pool Sprint becomes a reality. Basically, a track that you put in the bottom of your pool, the Pool Sprint is designed for that high-resistance water running. A pair of specially designed shoes work with the track to give you enough traction to run laps around the pool without the typical slipping that you'd endure if you try to run barefoot. The Pool Sprint is currently a test model and Tamminen is looking for partners to make it a reality. 

So the next time someone mentions doing laps in a pool, you may have to ask whether they were swimming or running. 

This seems like an excellent form of exercise, but I have to ask: do we really need a special track for it? I know that the pool floor is slippery, but it seems that they could design a pair of sticky shoes that allow you to run without installing an expensive track in the bottom of the pool. You'd have to be pretty dedicated to running to turn thousands of dollars worth of pool into a glorified treadmill. 

On the plus side, it's rare that you can transition so seamlessly from vigorous exercise to lying out in the sun on an inflatable sipping a cool drink. That's a nice work-out/reward scenerio.

Pool Sprint via Trend Hunter