Runtastic Fitness App Update: Coaches You To Stay Hydrated

Runtastic released a new version of their flagship app today, no doubt under pressure from the plethora of fitness apps and devices being released into the marketplace. Their suite of apps, products and services to track and manage health and fitness data to motivate individuals to get in shape has 70 million downloads, but they updated their design to attract more users, and keep existing users engaged.

Runtastic Updated AppRuntastic Updated App

It's becoming clear that data and tracking are not enough for people to stay motivated to lose weight or stay fit. Just yesterday I read about how the next big health app needs to do more than just track our numbers, referring to Healthbook - the much anticipated app from Apple that promises to track your exercise, sleep, blood sugar and blood pressure - and it seems that Runtastic are also aware of this growing desire for actionable insights.

Their first attempt at actionable insights is for hydration: by crunching numbers on your activity, personal stats, and local weather conditions, Runtastic provide a post-hydration recommendation to ensure you are staying hydrated.

In a sense, Runtastic are moving towards a coaching model to keep users motivated to reach their health and fitness goals, but sometimes software just isn't enough: today, the cofounder of Fitocracy, another software tool to manage your fitness, announced his departure as CTO to become a full time fitness coach, finding more meaning in direct interactions with people; and GOQii, a company I've mentioned before, are actually hiring coaches based in India to complement their fitness software and hardware.

BodyState is another startup hovering in this "coaching" space, but instead of smart software recommendations, or professional coaching, it aims to use your fitness tracker data to connect you with others, so you can compare, collaborate, or compete for rewards, and stay motivated to reach your health and fitness goals. 

Take Runtastic's latest update for a spin here, and let me know what you think in the comments!