Russia vs. Georgia: Computer Game Brings Blood Right To Your Door

What if Georgia opted to return as General Macarthur did to the Philippines during World War II, to the region of South Ossetia, the little piece of land 100 miles east of the Black Sea that caused all that “fuss” last summer? Well, now plans can be made and everyone can be prepared like good little boy scouts via a computer game known as “Confrontation: Peace Enforcement.



The strategy game, which goes on sale next month, supposes what might happen if Tbilisi decided to seize the region, this time with support from the West.

According to the game developers:

“NATO does not stay out of it, pushing Poland forward as its representative and Ukraine blockades the Black Sea fleet in Sevastopol. Russia launches a military strike in response.”











Current-events games have been around for a while and most of them share a common trait: a tendency to reflect a specific political position. Some others that are worth mentioning include: Hezbollah’s “Special Forces 2: Tale of the Truthful Pledge,” which relives the “defeat” of Israel, The U.S. and its “Virtual Jihadi” and “Muslim Massacre,” the meanings of which seem truly self-evident. Iran has its strategy game, “Port Rescue: Defense in the Firing Line,” which pits the user against different Western invaders. Last but certainly not least, are the “hunt for” or “kill Osama Bin Laden” games which unfortunately, don’t go far enough in extending the game vision into reality.

Would Russians be able to or even be inclined to play this game of strategy?

Who can say what evil lurks… wherever?

The war-monger, computer-strategist, game developer shadow, that’s who.

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Dec 3, 2008
by M Dee Dubroff
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