Russian Auto Innovation Eco-Friendly Car Developed

The eco-friendly vehicle is unique in that it moves via a 3-kilowatt electric motor, which feeds from an accumulator. The body of the car is actually that of an electric car developed in Germany, but the “filling” is a Russian automotive innovation. Forty kilometers per hour (24 mph) is the best speed this vehicle can muster, but its solar batteries can generate energy and deliver it to the car on sunny days even if its occupants are stuck in a traffic jam! (Cars destined for Rome, New York and other impossibly traffic-entangled cities should perhaps be given an extra dose.)



The car is even eco-friendly in those dark hours after that old sun goes down. During this time, it takes the accumulator eight hours to get fully charged. The unit utilized is environmentally safe and produces energy from renewable resources (non-fossil fuels).

Environmentally-friendly transportation has been around St. Petersburg for a number of years, although this is the first time a private car has been developed there. “Green” trolley busses service all parts of the picturesque city, and if you are watchful of pickpockets who are ever on the prowl and not in a particular hurry to arrive anywhere, they provide a very pleasant ride around the downtown area. (It is also more than a little bit helpful if you can understand directions in Russian, but if you are not in a hurry, it really doesn’t matter.)

Happy green to all, even though St. Patrick’s Day is quite a bit away!