Russian Billionaire To Build Super Yacht Like No Other

Roman Abramovich is a Russian billionaire with a personal fortune of 16 billion dollars. As his pockets are huge, so are his plans for an armor-plated, bullet-proof-glass-installed super yacht complete with anti-missile radar systems, a private submarine and two helicopters for the mere cost of more than 200 million euros, ($300 million US smackeroos).



How does this yacht defend itself against sea pirates?

The tycoon wants his yacht to be an impenetrable fortress with a full defense system against sea pirates who are becoming more and more of a fearful presence in the waters surrounding Africa. Like most successful men of business, Abramovich is thinking ahead should he decide to sail to the 2010 World Cup in Africa. His fears are hardly nonsense, as 269 sea-faring vessels were attacked and 300 hostages taken by pirates in the last year alone, according to statistics provided by the International Maritime Bureau.


What type of problems does this Russian mega yacht present for maritime law procedures?

There may, however be a glitch in the plans of the man who is not used to hearing the word ‘no’. Under maritime law, civilian ships are forbidden from carrying lethal weapons and firearms. In spite of this, yacht owners are equipping their vessels with high-powered water cannons, ear-splitting klaxons, and lubricant foam to deter walking.


What are some other special features about this Russian super yacht?


Abramovich’s new ship, christened The Eclipse, will include a radar system to warn the crew of 70 former SAS members of incoming rockets. Armored plating and bulletproof glass protect the ship against gunfire. There are also two helipads and equipment to deter bugging. Should intruders break through his intense security system and make it on board, Abramovich can escape with his 26-year -old girlfriend, Daria Zhukova, in a yellow submarine (colored yet) which can dive as far as 160 feet.

The Eclipse is slated to be 550 feet long and is currently under construction in Germany at the very same shipyard that produced the World War II battleship, the Bismarck. The super yacht is slated to have cabins for 24 guests as well as a movie theater, aquarium, disco, and hospital. Abramovich will be adding this new plaything to his existing fleet, which includes: the 37- foot Pelorus, 282-foot Ecstasea, and the 160- foot Sussurro.

What can anyone say except can I come too?


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