Russian Boob Ceilings: For The Interior That Has Almost Everything

She dances overhead, on the ceiling near my bed, there’s my love, up above. ~ Rodgers & Hart

Given that all cultures are different and many customs may seem weird or unusual to the observer outside looking in, it is still highly unlikely that anyone will ever look at the new suspended boob ceilings now becoming very popular in Russia and still not shake their heads and wonder if there isn’t some other way. Featured on a blog that specializes in the most bizarre and weirdest stuff on the Internet, it would appear that the Declubz site does live up to its name, no matter how dubious an honor this may be.


The Russian suspended boob ceilings are definitely in a class all by themselves. Considered a stylish element of the flat interior, they are not just “other pretty faces” or aesthetic diversions. They do serve a noble purpose; in fact, they could save your apartment or home from flood damage if your upstairs neighbors get careless with the dispersement of their water supply. The boob ceiling can’t swim, but it can hold all the water that gets dumped into it. Almost like a liquid brassiere, the ceiling stores excess water so that it doesn’t jiggle (or runneth over, if you are feeling biblical).

There is one itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny question that remains unanswered about the Russian boob suspended ceiling. How does it pour off the excess water safely? Oh well, we can’t know everything, can we?

Is it enough to sit back and admire a most unusual ceiling or is it all an illusion, a mere additional booby trap for all mankind to slip into?

Tune in next week, same time, same station.

Maybe you will find an answer.

Go figure.