Russian Innovation Convention Expected to Draw Vital Sponsorship

According to news sources, the main message of Russia's first Innovation Convention is to convey to the world (and other Russians) that the country is ready to support and create the necessary conditions for young scientists to prosper. More than 300 different projects are featured at the innovations show, the first of its kind in Russia.



In the words of Vasily Yakemenko, head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs:

“The convention aims to show that there is no need to leave Russia now. The country is ready to create all necessary bases for innovative activities.”

Of the more than 2,000 people registered to attend the convention, many were children. Among them was thirteen-year-old Dmitry, who began writing computer programs at the age of six and is now a regular at scientific conferences. This time he brought with him his latest creation; a computer robot, which he controls through another device. He said:

“I’m using a Wi-Fi network to control one robot through another. It didn’t take me long to develop it. I like participating in these kinds of events, as I can meet friends as well as share experiences and find something new.”

Sponsorship is one of the major goals of the conference. Another young scientist, also called Dmitry, said his project to develop a high-speed railway in Russia had generated a lot of interest. In his own amazing words:
“Because it needs a huge amount of capital to make real, nobody has been willing to get involved. “We hope the government will pay attention to the project and support us.”

Russia should nurture and support these young prodigies and their significant projects for they can only serve to improve its future. Good fortune to these highly talented young scientists who see the world as limited only by the confines of their own very fertile imaginations!