Russian Innovation: Once a Fire Extinguisher, Now a Speaker

Perhaps the restricted conformity of state branded technology from the age of Stalinism forced a new age of creators and innovators to break through the conventional ice with new and different weapons. But Russian genius does not only live but also prospers in the form of a man named Strannik. This modder has created a set of excellent speakers out of two old and very rusty fire extinguishers!














Giving these fire extinguishers a new lease on life, so to speak, may seem like a very simple idea, but their creator spent much time and energy in constructing these tower speakers, which was no easy task. It required precision cutting, drilling and welding to create a seamless look. Although there are some diehards that resist the idea of modding, it is a growing trend that comes in the wake of recycling and “green awareness," its two eco-friendly parents.
















For those that are into modding, all sorts of objects, be they trinkets or high-tech equipment, are fair game. Loudspeakers have been transformed before as well, but never before with the artistic daring, love and creativity demonstrated by Strannik. All cleaned up from rust and with holes cut in their sides based on a carefully engineered design, these large metal cans have come to look better than they ever did.

Strannik’s fire extinguishers/loud speakers have “served the country well.” Unlike other manufacturers who might have settled for plastic cabinets looking like fire extinguishers with a cheap audio response, Strannik opted for the real thing. These speakers have been loaded with phono-absorbant material, which keeps the inevitable ringing to a minimum. Ringing is a fact of life with metal containers as they reach the right frequency, and Strannik hoped to minimize this with his creation of the round section of the cabinet, which helps to break up standing waves of sound.

Each speaker has received two sound units with coaxial-loaded drivers and spring-connector plugs while another sheet of metal has been transformed into a very exquisite housing for the themed amplifier, all these now looking like a very cool fire extinguisher-themed stereo sound system.

Strannik, you are an inspiration to the creative muse that lives deep inside all inventors.

Kudos to you for your ingenious creation.