The Russian Nesting Doll Chair: Magic™

Dripta Roy, co-founder of Puur Design, is the magician of the Magic™ chair. It was his intent to use as much as he could of his resource, and it is hard to imagine that he wasted more that a bit of sawdust.

Conservation of materials, of space, and of unnecessary detail, make Magic a classic design in an age when these qualities are valued, but rare.



The grooves on the Magic™ chair are not just ornamental. They are the edges of three sequentially smaller chairs that slide away to make a foursome of sinewy, stylish, solid wood seats - like finely crafted Russian nesting dolls.



The perfectly smooth peaks and valleys in the Magic group are the result of using a "bentwood" technique, in which the wood is steamed and then molded and sculpted into the desired shape. Once the wood dries, the sculptured design becomes permanent.

I am unabashedly in love with Magic. It fits in any modern decor, is perfect for a large or small room (thanks to the light color and compactness), and even though it provides additional seating, there's no hint of "extra" seating.

Oh, and it's exquisite.


3rings, Purr Design Studio





Mar 12, 2009
by Shidov

Nice Idea

This is a really nice idea!

I'm gonna buy one for my living room...


Shidov - Triz user - Italy

Mar 14, 2009
by Anonymous

Good Idea

With the price of property at it's current position and people not willing to splash out on a large house space-saving is vital, in a small house or apartment this would be really useful and the space could end up really flexible.