Russian Scientists Design Mechanical Nurse: Is the Doctor In?

A group of scientists from Moscow State University are currently developing a new medical appliance known as an automatic syringe. The device will be ready for serial production next year and will be conducted in the city of Tula. According to the head of the University, Viktor Sadovnichi, “There are no such appliances in the world yet.”

How will this new Russian medical appliance aid patients and doctors?



Sadovnichi feels this automatic syringe will preclude many costly visits to the hospital. Patients can learn to use the automatic syringe, which takes blood samples painlessly. This innovative medical appliance performs all of its operations under sterile conditions and conducts all analyses with precision.

How has this innovation affected other ideas for medical appliances?

In addition to the mechanical nurse, scientists at Moscow State University are working on a mechanical surgeon. The new high-tech medical device is designed to replace surgeon’s hands. (Will medical insurance cover mechanical hands and if so how much will they cover? Also, what about the rust factor? Will patients have to factor in that cost as well?) All kidding aside, Sadovnichi had this to say about that:

“Surgeons’ fingers can not reach everything. We had a goal to make a mechanical tactile device that takes a photograph of an affected organ and then does all the work on it with the help of a computer screen.”

The new tactical device has been licensed and is expected to become available soon.

I don’t know.

Are we straying too far from the human touch or…not far enough?

Time (and rust) will tell.
Oct 11, 2008
by Anonymous

mechanical nurse

could be a good idea sometimes at least it can't get a bad back or complain of any other pain or complain or be rude.

Oct 12, 2008
by M Dee Dubroff
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mechanical nurse

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