Russian Scientists Design New Chemical To Fight Oil Contamination

Oil spills occur for a myriad of reasons ranging from deliberate terrorist activities to natural disasters such as hurricanes. Oil is sometimes released into the environment from natural geologic seeps on the sea floor as well, but most human-made pollution emanates from activities based on land. Unscrupulous dumpers are also a factor; those who will dump crude oil into the oceans because they do not want to spend money on decomposing their waste oil. They opt instead to dump the oil into the oceans, which is not only immoral and uncaring but also illegal.


Russian scientists have developed a unique substance, which allows authorities to effectively fight the consequences of oil spills into ocean or coastal waters before they have a chance to wreak their total havoc upon both marine and human populations. Degroil is a brand new chemical with a very complicated chemical structure, which contains amino acids, simple and composite sugars (composed of different parts), protein and composite enzymes.

Degroil only takes a few weeks to work its magic in decreasing the oil contamination, and oil stains disappear immediately once they are treated with the chemical. Russian scientists swear that Degroil is harmless to both humans and animals and is very easy to handle. Presently, Degroil is not available for sale, but it may appear on the market next year. Understandably, it will be offered first and foremost to large oil companies.

So oil spills, beware. Soon you may be forced to utter the words of the immortal villain:

Curses, Degroiled Again!