Russian Technology Allows For Easier Extraction of Underwater Minerals

High output technology is aimed at water-bearing aggregates: crushed stones, sand, gravel, quartz and even gold. This innovation is so named because it produces up to 600 cubic meters of rock per hour. According to news sources, the vehicle for this new process is a unit, which is comprised of a cable rope and scraper. Essentially, rocks from the water’s bottom are transformed into pulp, which is then transported to a ship especially equipped with a pump (frosted dredge ship), which then dehydrates the pulp.



Rock particles adhere while in the air but transform to ‘frozen peas” when they land on the ground. The lower the air temperature falls below zero, the harder the rock “pea” formations become. This makes the miner’s job a great deal less excruciating, as “frozen peas” are easy to excavate, shovel and transport onto dump trucks.

The ability to mine raw materials in terrible climes is by far the most important feature of the innovative high output technology. No simple idea, the creation of this technology marks a revolutionary approach to the application of hydro-technologies to mining engineering. It is quite brilliant in concept as the energy of the water flow becomes the vehicle, which allows for the extraction of useful minerals.




Hydrotechnologies have quite a few advantages over dry excavation. For one thing, they facilitate excavation in difficult areas such marshlands, riverbeds and various water bodies. These technologies require less energy and emit less toxic and contaminating substances to the atmosphere. Compared to other types of mineral extraction, they also are less damaging to soil and do not pollute water. The spreading of sediments accelerates the oxidation of organic matter, and prevents lakes from turning into bogs.

Time will tell the effectiveness of the high output technology, but it seems unlikely that it will not prove to be a boon to humanity, especially those brave souls residing in severe climate zones.

May 10, 2009
by Anonymous

Joint Venture worldwide

Should this venture be expanded upon worldwide By all signers?
US, Japan & Canada R&D undersea ore excavation for Our needs.

Must expand this.

Have Mobile Drone subs for Recon & follow on Subs for actual mining.

Ports for Mining Ops: worldwide IE Honolulu HI, Hong Kong etc

Major $$$$$$ for worldwide markets alone.