Russia's Army & Police Will Soon Be Riding Tactical Electric Bikes

A new series of military-spec electric motorcycles is set to put Russian security forces in the forefront of sustainable, environmentally-friendly law enforcement. Choose from military-spec or police versions; machine gun and grenade launcher attachments are optional.

The new Gran “elektrotsikl” (as they're known in Russian) were spied at the Interpolitex 2014 trade show, which explains the badass background scenes and serious-looking uniformed models. Nope, no mistake as to who's going to use these ultra-tough looking electro-bikes!

The bikes are designed with a roomy frame that allows the user to install varying configurations of battery packs, resulting in driving ranges from 220km up to 370km (135 to 230 miles).

The electric motor is nominally rated at 3kW but can be easily switched out for more power – the estimated top speed of an optimally equipped Gran electrobike is 110km/h or almost 70mph depending on road conditions.

Such in-the-field customizing means the same basic bike can be tailored for missions involving different terrain, distance to target, and time constraints. A relatively tall 200mm (8 inches) of suspension travel eases passage through overgrown and/or rugged areas.

Of course, the best thing about an electrobike compared to its rip-snortin' relatives is silent running... enemies and evildoers will never hear you coming for them until it's too late.

Both the military and civilian (aka police) versions of the Gran electrobike are designed to be easily transportable either singly or en masse.

Each bike weighs between 55 and 65 kg (about 130 lbs) and can be partially folded to allow it to fit inside an average car trunk – try that with a comparable gas-engined bike or ATV and you'll likely break both vehicles. (via English Russia and Twower)