Russia’s Aqua Star: An Original Underwater Motorcycle

The Aqua Star is an extraordinary motorcycle that permits the user to go underwater without any special equipment. The way it works is simple. The body of the motorcycle rider stays in the water and the head is encased in a sort of helmet that serves as a diving bell equipped with an air-supplying system. (If this conjures the expression about ‘keeping your head above water,’ don’t blame me.)


The electronic motor on the Aqua Star permits movement in all directions underwater. The Russian developers of the Aqua Bike came up with several fascinating innovations. For one thing, they used even glass for the helmet instead of the usual spherical glass that distorts the diver’s visibility and makes the eyes get tired.

The Aqua Star also has two motors instead of one. The second motor operates via pressing and holding a button, which lets the rider regulate the motorcycle’s position. This also lets the motorcycle hang at any point and turn around on the spot. As if that isn’t enough, the helmet of Aqua Star motorcycle is also one cool number, with its unique airflow system that prevents the glass from steaming up.

Developers of the Aqua Star claim their motorcycle can be used at a depth of up to 12 meters (about 42 feet) and ride with 7km/h speed (about 4 miles per hour). The Aqua Star should be ready for market by next summer but the price is still a mystery. The clever brothers are pushing forward with their newest design, a two-seat motorcycle.

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Dec 4, 2008
by Anonymous

This would be great for river cleanups

This would be good for river cleanups to guide people where the blockages, dead bodies, old cars, mounds of medial waste etc. were buried in a river.

Dec 5, 2008
by M Dee Dubroff
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cleanup idea

 Ho there-

That is a great idea you have!

Thanks so much for sharing it. 


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