Russia’s Drunk-Driving Law Amended To Allow One For The Road

How Has Russia’s Zero Tolerance Drunk-Driving Law Changed?



According to news sources, as of last month, motorists in Russia will be allowed to have a small drink before taking the wheel. Previously, even one drink was a serious infraction of the law. This alteration is surprising, especially considering that Russia has one of world’s worst driving safety records. According to government figures, more than 33,000 Russians died in traffic accidents in 2007, and drunken driving caused at least 15,000 road accidents.

A spokesman for the State Traffic Inspectorate said:

“The maximum blood-alcohol level is now raised from zero to 0.3 grams per liter of blood to move in line with international standards.”

How are Russians reacting to this alteration in the Zero Tolerance Drunk-Driving Law?

The issue has divided Russian motorists. Critics claim the change in the Zero Tolerance Drunk-Driving Law not only condones drunk driving, but will also lead to even more road fatalities. Supporters of the change, notably the Interior Ministry’s Road Safety Department, claim that it will bring Russia’s traffic laws in line with what is accepted in many parts of the world. (This is assuming that there will be any Russians left after this new law takes it toll on Russian highways.)

What are some of the other repercussions that can be expected from the changes in Russia’s Zero Tolerance Drunk-Driving Law?

Some critics argue that the new law will only make the Russian traffic police more corrupt. They are often accused of taking bribes to let off drivers who have been drinking. Now more opportunities will arise because the law places even more power in officer's hands.

Who knows what the Russian government was thinking when they lifted the ban on drinking and driving? Perhaps those in charge had a bit too much to drink as well?

I don’t know about you, but if I ever find myself in Russia, I will try my best to take the train.




Aug 18, 2008
by Anonymous


I think you and the Russians are over-reacting. One alcoholic beverage will not affect your driving enough to increase road accidents significantly. If Russia's traffic safety is so bad, either everyone is driving drunk anyways, or they need to reexamine their driver's ed programs and traffic laws. I agree with the sentiment that this move is simply aligning their laws to the international standard.

Aug 18, 2008
by Anonymous

More money for lawyers

If the law in the USA was no drinking period before getting behind the wheel, the trial lawyers, judges, and "the system" (i.e. driver responsibility fees, increased insurance, tow companies) would lose a ton of money.

Its a system to take money plain and simple. Why? Because it is subjective. If you are pulled over in Russia now, blowing a .03 is okay. Breathalyzers go to 3 significant figures anyhow, so although a 0.030 is acceptable, a 0.031 is not.

Its all about the money. If the law was changed to zero tolerance, lawyers, judges, cops and many more people would be out of a job.

Aug 19, 2008
by Anonymous

Whats with all the Russian posts?

I've been coming to this site for a long time and ever since the Russia/Georgia conflict so many of the new headlines have been about Russia! Whats going on. Is the person who runs this site Russian?

Aug 21, 2008
by M Dee Dubroff
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Russian topics

To answer your question, I am of half-Rusian ancestry but I am a second generation American and my allegiance is totally to the US. Russian innovations was a topic that was suggested to me as an interesting one worthy of disussion. If the powers that be had the conflict with Georgia in mind, I wouldn't know. Maybe so, maybe no. In any case, I hope you enjoy the articles and find them interesting and informative. If there is an ulterior motive to their selection, I assure you that is it.

Best to you

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Sep 23, 2008
by Anonymous

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Sep 24, 2008
by M Dee Dubroff
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Hi anonymous

 You certanly do raise a very important point and I thank you for posting it after my article.

You are absolutely right! 



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