Russia’s Innovative Hydrogen-Powered Mobile Phone and Laptop Charger

What is so special about this new Russian charger for cell-phones and laptops?


The world, it would seem, is flooded not only with various power sources but also with little thought or motivation about altering them. Common power supplies for either cell-phones or laptops are as they have been for a very long time; namely, a non-reusable battery or an accumulator. Enter the “21st century fuel” also known as hydrogen, and nanotechnologies developed in Russia.

What have the Russians done to utilize this new fuel?

Electric vehicles powered by hydrogen are not new and have been speeding along the world’s highways for a few years now, but hydrogen in a tiny device, well, that’s a horse (or in this case, charger, of another color). Via Russian technology, a power unit providing thirty hours of continuous talking has been created, topping the three-hour limit of the best accumulators produced abroad.

What are some of the special features of this innovative Russian charger?

According to news sources, this innovative hydrogen-powered charger weighs only 180 grams (about six-and-one-half ounces) and is health and environment-friendly. Compared to a standard charger of the same weight, which renders usually about 1.5 charging cycles, this new charger offers 5 cycles. If a phone has been totally run-down, with this new charger, only 10 or 15 minutes are enough to bring it back to life.

How does this innovative charger device work?

A multi-layered structure known as a nanoporous membrane is at the heart of this innovative Russian device, and it is where the electric current is generated by a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen comes from a compound within the device and the oxygen comes from where it always does, namely, the air. It is this structure created by Russia’s top scientists, which allows for the small weight and long life of the device. Every square centimeter of the membrane contains up to 100 billion pores, each having several nanometers in diameter.

What does this new device mean for the future?

This new device can enhance traveling immensely, as it can be carried in your pocket and be used on long journeys anywhere with no electricity. (Even if you are studying the whereabouts of the Yeti atop Mt. Everest, you can record your findings right then and there, unless of course, the Yeti is unhappy with your presence. In that case, run like hell with the charger and set up shop somewhere else!)

The possibilities for tomorrow are endless.

So, here’s to the future…today!