Russia’s New Unauthorized Computer Access Protection Device

What is this new Russian software device that makes computer passwords a thing of the past?



Russian engineers have developed a new software device, which does not require passwords. The very smart, three-dimensional camera software creates two-dimensional and three-dimensional face models and actually identifies a user according to whether or not he or she (or it) has access to its database. The camera scans and forwards information to a computer via a USB-port and a specially developed software analyzes the information almost immediately. If access is denied, the computer remains switched off. The tiny camera is so sensitive that if a stranger approaches the computer, the three-dimensional camera will actually transform all open windows to icons so that nothing can be stolen.

How does this cool, three-dimensional camera actually work?

When the camera is scanning and it “recognizes” a familiar face, it sends images to the special software installed on the computer. The program does not require much space on a hard drive, and although experts suggest that this software works best on dual-core computers, it will also work on an ordinary personal computer with a single processor.

The identification process on this three-dimensional camera is quite simple and is based upon recognizing two user images. The first is merely a two dimensional colored photograph, which has a high resolution. The camera takes it at a speed of 25 shots per second. The second picture is a three-dimensional image of the user’s face, made with the utilization of 40 thousand dots!

What is the advantage of this new software device?

This procedure is so much more convenient than entering numerous passwords, which can be stolen, misplaced or forgotten. The small camera weighs only 400 grams (3/4 pound) and is guaranteed to prevent a stranger from entering your computer. So it looks like computer security is in the lens of this tiny Russian invention.

Dare we say nostrovia?