Russia’s Super Rich: Submarines Trump Yachts

How did businessman Dmitry Bogachev build his own submarine?



Businessmen accomplish many things in their lifetimes, but few of them get inspired to build their own submarine. According to this clever Russian, the process is easy and all that is needed is a grasp of physics (I lost him here) and a few basic materials to build it. Like most things in life, however, this one is still easier said than done. Bogachev said:

“I didn't invent anything and there are no military secrets here. I just tried to make it accessible. In fact, it's made of components anyone can buy.”

What are the components of this self-made submarine?

According to news sources, the submarine is propelled by five engines, and the hull is made of steel plates, which are just two centimeters thick (a little more than 3/4 inch). Breathing in the sub is accomplished via scuba diving tanks. Although not a speedy vehicle, the sub can travel up to 4 km (about 2 1/2 miles) per hour.

What are some advantages of this neat, homemade submarine?

Believe it or not, Dmitry’s creation is five times cheaper than the usual cost of making a submarine, but then again, how many people can you think of that are actually in the market? The inventor has no plans of taking his creation onto the high seas nor is he about to embark on a “seek and destroy” torpedo mission. He is merely playing with his new toy. The future of this hand-made sub is uncertain, but the inventor hopes that someday he may be able to mass-produce this prototype.

Time will tell. In the meantime, grab a life preserver!