Rust Design iPad Mini Case Distresses Your Apple's Skin

The iPad Mini Case in Rust Design by Bird-Electron and Shima Works of Japan makes your shiny new Apple device look like a long lost tech relic from After Earth. While the distressed look is eye-opening in and of itself, a smartphone that looks like a hunk of junk just might be less appealing to thieves.

This collaboration between Taskashi Shima and Bird-Electron is actually a two-part project featuring the “Bleed” and “Split” cases for Apple's iPad Mini. We're highlighting the former here, though you can view both designs at the Bird Online Shop.

The Bleed iPad Mini case apes the look of a decrepit old-fashioned metal cigarette box or a rusty iron traveler's case, resplendent with faux corner reinforcements and twin support straps.

The ink-jet printed graphics are overlaid upon transparent polycarbonate plastic... while the look works best on a white iPad Mini, black tablets (right) also rock the case to best advantage.

Bird-Electron is offering both versions of the iPad Mini Case in Rust Design for 3,980 yen (around $40) plus shipping. Japanese-challenged purchasers can order through White Rabbit Express.