Rusty Headphone Hoodie, Just One More Place to Store Your 'Buds

At this point, I'm pretty sure there's an iPhone-equipped garment for every part of your upper body. I know there are hats, helmets, earmuffs and jackets. And there's probably more. In fact, there's probably already been a headphone hoodie or two. But, likely from lack of looking, I've never actually seen one. So this Rusty Wired Series is the first one I've seen.

Now when I first read "headphone hoodie," I assumed the headphones were going to be built into the hood, enabling you to listen to music with your hood up. But that really wouldn't make a whole lot of sense since you don't always wear the hood and since the hood is kind of loose.

Luckily, Rusty had better ideas than I did and integrated the headphones into the drawstrings for the hood. So you get a pair of earbuds dangling right off the front of your sweatshirt that are easy to pop in and out. The rest of the wires run internally  so you're literally wired for music. The jack's in the pocket so you can just connect and go. 

I was also a little worried about washing a pair of electronics, but Rusty's got me again. According to the company, its headphones are machine washable.

The Wired Series comprises a number of hoodies and jackets for men, women and juniors. You can check them out at or at Amazon.

I'm not really a big hoodie guy, but these are pretty tight. 

Via: Gear Junkie 

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