Sacrificing The Environment For Freaky Fashion With Neon Disposable Sunglasses

Throw away fashions may be anything but eco-friendly, but sometimes sacrifices need to be made for the sake of fashion. That being said, I don't know if these disposable sunglasses fit the bill, but they sure are something else!

These disposable sunglasses are available on Etsy, and along with making a unique fashion statement, they also take their toll on the environment since they are designed for short-term use only. I can't quite figure out their purpose, since they seem to provide neither glare reduction, nor SPF protection for the eyes; so it can only be determined that it's all about achieving the right look. So if you're into neon reminiscent of the 80's made from light-weight plastic mesh, and are into turning your face into a miniature checkerboard rather than raccoon eyes through your tan lines; then you better buy them fast, because at $1 consumers and fashion lovers must be breaking down doors to buy this freaky fashion...or not.


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