Saddle Leather Computer Mouse for Skin to Skin Luxury

The Kawanezumi leather mouse is certainly a step up from the average humdrum mouse most of us use – and use quite often – at home, work or play. The concept itself seems a no-brainer: the computer mouse is the nexus that connects Man and machine; an integral component in our modern technological society and yet its shell is commonly constructed of inorganic plastic.

Japan's Atelier Wazakura looked long and hard at the mice we use and found it wanting. Human hands packed with tactile nerve endings translating the brain's desires into commands our computers can understand deserve a more complementary medium than emotionless, inorganic plastic.

Skin-on-skin is definitely more natural and infinitely more comfortable, and humans have known this for thousands of years.

The result is the Kawanezumi, or Leather Mouse. Hand-trimmed panels of Saddle Leather have been precisely fitted onto the exterior of an optical, wireless mouse. The only openings at a slot for the scroll wheel to poke through above and the cover for a single AA battery below.

The mouse is slightly smaller than average – one of the selling points is that it's sized to comfortably fit Japanese hands. Atelier Wazakura's words, not mine, but we can assume women of any nationality will find the Kawanezumi speaks their language, comfort-wise.

Luxurious though it may be, the Kawanezumi is a hard-working mouse in its own right. Let's look at some of the specifications:

* Optical sensor resolution of 1,000 dpi
* Read rate: 3,000 fps
* Connection via 2.4GHz wireless Nano transceiver / USB port
* Radio reception range: about 5 m (16.4 ft)
* Format: 3 buttons plus scroll wheel
* Hard drive space required: 100MB (Windows), 30MB (Mac)
* OS: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (32bit), Mac 10.6.x to OS X v10.4

The included AA battery has an estimated life of more or less 10 months; your mileage may vary but judicious use of the ON/OFF power switch on the mouse's underside will help ensure it won't consume unnecessary power.

Atelier Wazakura has priced the Kawanezumi at 7,350 yen ($91.75) each, tax included. “Reservations” are required when ordering as sales of the mouse are limited to only 10 units per month. (via Gigazine)