Safari Soaker Looks To Be The Exciting Elephant In The Room

From the MIT toy lab round-up for 2010 comes the Safari Soaker, a kid-powered vehicle/watergun combo.


The MIT toy lab contains perhaps the greatest course a college student with a mind for design could take. Intended to guide budding creators through the process of brainstorming, design, customer identification and eventual production of their very own toys, the MIT Toy Design 2.00 course is popular among students and with funding from Hasbro has developed new concepts for both the Nerf and Supersokaer brands.


Every year, MIT releases a catalogue of some of the best toys of the year, and in glancing over the 15 entries of 2010 we were immediately drawn to the Safari Soaker, a watergun and tricycle all in one.


The Soaker is a small green-wheeled trike with a plastic elephant head and trunk molded on to the front. The trunk itself is posable and contains a line to the water chamber located under the rear wheels.

Safari Soaker: rollin' with intention to spray.Safari Soaker: rollin' with intention to spray.


As the rider pedals the Safari Soaker, the elephant-trunk water gun builds up pressure which can be released at an appropriate time on unsuspecting passers by, thanks to the bendable nature of the trunk.


Simple and straightforward, the Safari Soaker opts for fun over technology and combines the pure joy of being able to ride around under your own power with the awesomeness that comes with being able to soak friends and enemies alike.


Though it may never make to the production line, concepts like the Safari Soaker are a great way for budding design artists to showcase their toy-tailoring talents and give hope about the future of fun toys on the market.


Source/Photocredit: MIT