Safe, Stylish Innovation for Cyclists: High-Visibility Reflective Garb

 Keeping cyclists, runners and pedestrians safe after dark is the mission of Sara Henrichs, fashion designer, journalist and former travel editor of global design magazine, Wallpaper. Her collection of stylish and functional garments with reflective designs are waterproof, windproof and visible in the dark at up to 100 meters (300 feet). The idea behind the collection is to provide city-dwellers with high-visibility reflective clothing that is also stylish. A cyclist and outdoor enthusiast herself, Henrichs always has a steady eye on safety.


Reflective Gear- Cape: Source: Dezeen.comReflective Gear- Cape: Source:


In her own words:

"There are so many cyclists, bikers and joggers at night in cities who need to be safer. Most of them have their own fashion style and don't want to wear the hi-vis stuff. My designs will encourage them to look stylish and be safer. My collection allows people to wear what they would normally as they can wear my  garments on top of their shirt, suit, dress or coat throughout the year."

The Reflective Clothing Collection 

Based in London, England, and 100% made by local artisans, the logo on each piece of reflective clothing is hand-embossed by a devoted craftsman. The emphasis is always on sustainability. Material utilized comes from Schoeller AG, a Swiss based company internationally known for reflective fabrics that are used by fire and police personnel. Garments include: vests, capes, collars and bands for men, women, children and dogs. Their  versatility is their most sellable aspect, as they can be worn over clothing, are suited for any clime and can be folded and secured into a pouch with a reflective band, which also serves as a wrist or armband.


Relective wear for men and women: Source: Dezeen.comRelective wear for men and women: Source:


The designs are all inspired by Japanese samurai armor and they all offer extreme visibility in the dark, partcularly in the glare of a car or street lights. According to Transport for London, there has been a 75 % increase in urbam cyclers over the course of the last decade, making this collection all the more timely and important. Henrichs combines quality and safety with stylish design in this exclusive showcase.


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The future of reflective clothing

  Henrich's perspective on her own collection is unique because she is an urban cyclist who understands the challenges and needs of those who indulge in rewarding but dangerous outdoor activities. She has traveled via bike through London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York, Mexico City and Tokyo, just to mention a few of her many routes.

The emphasis on safety is certain to resonate with outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. These easy to wear, trendy garments are fashion statements in and of themselves but most  importantly, they keep the cyclist, pedestrian and hiker visible in the dark and safe from obstacles and approaching vehicles.

Closing thoughts on cycling:

My biggest fear is that when I die, my wife will sell my bicycles for what I  told her they cost. ~ Anonymous

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