Safe Sex Fashions: Swanky Or Spanky Condom Pocket Underwear

Everyone knows that abstinence is the best way to practice safe sex, but let's face it; sexual abstinence just isn't a realistic choice for all couples, young or old, around the world. A new line of sexy, sleazy and safe underwear encourages safe sex practices by ensuring that a condom is always on board for looming sexual encounters.

Swanky or Spanky is a UK clothing line and advocate for safe sex. The innovative business focuses upon educating teens about safe sex, so when they're ready to engage in sexual experiences or sexual intercourse, they make smart choices by using protection. Sometimes, rummaging for a condom during the heat of the moment breaks the sexy mood, but choosing not to use protection results in unexpected pregnancy scares and sexually transmitted diseases. This is where Swanky or Spanky's strange and innovative line of underwear comes in; while it may not carry sexy lingerie, the point isn't to turn on your partner; it's to practice safe sex without turning him or her off in the process.

The design of Swanky or Spanky's unique underwear is simple; it offers thongs or bikini style panties for women and boxer-briefs or briefs for men; and what makes the fashionable underwear unique is the built in pocket, perfectly suited for a condom. The Swanky or Spanky safe sex underwear line ensures that a condom is right where you need it before you have sex, so there's no running to the bathroom for sexual protection or rummaging through your bedside table while your partner loses his or her mojo. Having a condom tucked into your underwear can act as a reminder of safe sex and can even be incorporated into the sexual foreplay with a sexy striptease.

No word yet whether or not it's safe to keep a condom close to its final resting place; since storing condoms in wallets and other small pockets can reduce their effectiveness. So, I can't be certain, but this might be a case of "it's the thought that counts". But how can we knock fashionable underwear that encourages and educations younger generations about safe sexual practices.

For 6.99 GBP plus 2 GBP for shipping and handling, you can get the condom pocket underwear in black or white for yourself or a friend, that way safe sex is always on your mind; even in the heat of the moment.

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Mar 19, 2009
by Anonymous

sex ed

you know that pulling out dosent work right?!?!?!
hahahaha thats my 2 cents