Spin Cycle Safety - The Revolights Revolution

As the green revolution continues to sweep through the collective conscience of the world, different ways of reducing carbon footprints are becoming more popular every day. In recent years, bike riding has increased dramatically around the world, particularly in big cities where intense traffic makes commuting a nightmare, and bike riding can be a healthy and more efficient means of getting to work. Along with the increase in biking, however, one must consider the implicit dangers of pedalling on sidewalks and city streets amongst pedestrians and speeding automobiles. Revolights Bike Lighting System is one of the most advanced and forward-thinking systems ever designed, and is something that should be considered by all kinds of bikers, from the occasional free-wheeler to the hardcore street pro, and everyone in between.

Revolights Bike Lighting SystemRevolights Bike Lighting System

There are hundreds of different bike lights on the market, usually clip-on beams attached to handlebars (or in some tragically unfashionable situations, helmets).  They throw a beam of light in the direction the bike is facing or the rider's head is pointing, but they are mainly for the benefit of the biker to illuminate the ground directly in front of him. Other bikers wear reflective clothing or flourescent patches to warn others of their presence on the road. This is helpful if the beam of light from an oncoming car or biker happens to catch the patch at a good angle, and the driver is able to quickly interpret it as a bike rider and uses caution while passing. Although both systems, bike lights and reflective material, are relatively successful in protecting bikers, the Revolights system drastically improves on all the solutions for protection that they offer.

Revolights Bike Lighting SystemRevolights Bike Lighting System With Revolights, bikers can be seen from 360 degrees, front, sides, and rear. Small LED lamps are attached around the wheel wells of the bike, and they monitor your speed, so they blink on as they pass the front of your wheel, forming a solid arc of light. The system is sleek and ingenius, using a magnet to ensure the LEDs only light up when they are on the front half or the rear half of your bike wheels. The LEDs are placed on either side of the tire, so your bike can also be seen from the side, one of the most vulnerable and dangerous places for collisions at night.

 Another great advantage of Revolights is that it does not only add to your safety from other people on the road, but it also increases your awareness of the obstacles and potential dangers in front of you as you're riding. The typical handlebar-mounted light shines the same as a weak flashlight, revealing 5 or 10 feet of the ground ahead of you, giving you about two seconds to dodge any potholes or fallen branches. Revolights has a low origin of light, but the illumination happens on a large surface area. This combination casts a general glow ahead of the rider, instead of a narrow beam of light pointed at the ground.

Revolights Bike Lighting SystemRevolights Bike Lighting System

Did I mention it's sexy? Apart from the safety side of things, which should be a biker's primary concern, Revolights is a stylish and modern take on a piece of classic bike culture. The dual color scheme, unobtrusive installation, rechargeable battery, and inarguable effectiveness makes Revolights the perfect combination of form and function. 

For all my bike riders and readers out there, is this the sort of thing that gets your wheels spinning? Revolights was just opened up to an international market last week for the first time, and they continue to increase the number of Revolights models so that more and more types of bikes/wheels will be compatible with one of their systems.

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