Salvaging Tighty-Whiteys With The Underwear Repair Kit

I've made fun of men before for their issues with underwear (let's just put that right out there), and now there is yet another product that is deserving of our attention and mocking.

Underwear Repair KitUnderwear Repair Kit


Men who love their favorite pair of underwear, might want to wear it day in and day out, unwilling to part with it even for a cycle in the washing machine or a tumble through the dryer. So when the underwear becomes overly holey, stained, and stretched out to the point they are unwearable (even by men's standards) it's time to take action. Women are probably thinking, yes, the answer is the garbage can! But, because that war can't always be won, there is an alternative that can make hideous underwear bearable again and it's the Underwear Repair Kit. The kit, which retails for only $9.95 comes with a needle and thread, fabric patches, duct tape, a new waist band, and underwear white-out to take care of those unsightly stains. And, just in case men can't figure out how to use their Underwear Repair Kit, there is a fully illustrated Man-u-al to make sure that their favorite underwear can be salvaged.


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