Salvation Army Modernizes Their Kettle Collection

One of the big names in business that you hear about during the holiday season is the Salvation Army. It's a non-profit that we all know best for their collections efforts that involve collections kettles and little ringing bells. This year, they've decided to take their business plan, and collections efforts to new levels by modernizing the way that they take donations.

Across the United States, many of the collection kettles from the Salvation Army have been setup with credit card consoles. it's a good move in a society that's becoming cashless, so there's no doubt that they just aren't getting as much spare change as they once were. Now, there's no excuse for people not to contribute. In addition to the credit card machines, there are also 'online kettles' setup that allow people to make donations online but with the recognizable Salvation Army donation symbol remaining the focus!

Via: Chief Marketer