Sam's Club Helping Sell Green Cars

Sam's Club has given its members a great way to save money by purchasing products in bulk and using them at your leisure. Recently, they decided it was time to extend their helpfulness to the automotive world, and I'm not talking about tires and washer fluid, they are selling a whole vehicle.

The vehicle in question is build by Hybrid Technologies, the same company that produces Lithium Ion powered versions of the Mullen GT. The car offered by Sam's Club has a little more "refined" styling and gets the mid-engine sports car treatment for a more exotic feeling.

Battery life is set at 200 miles per charge, while the top speed is limited to 150mph and the sprint from 0 to 60mph only takes about 5 seconds. If you plan on purchasing the Hybrid, you will need to set back $100,000 in advance. But that will get you more than just the car.

The price tag for the promotion named "ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME Own the World's Ultimate Electric Super Car Package" was set at $100,000. The first buyer with a membership to log onto the site and finalize the order will also get first class roundtrip tickets to Los Angeles for 2, with a luxury hotel included, time at a local race track and professional instruction.

The winner will also receive the first car off the production line and means to ship the vehicle back to their home when they are done. The exterior color and a few interior options can be customized by the first buyer and since the vehicle will not be ready till early 2009, time will not be an issue.

According to Sam's Club, the contest was over almost as soon as it had begun. Not even a day after the midnight opening time, Sam's had posted SOLD on the flyer found throughout the website. The actual vehicle is set to premier at the LA Auto Show that starts next week.

Sam's Club