Samsung Announces Curved 27” HD Monitor

Samsung will soon be shipping its 27” S27D590C Curved Monitor, fitted with a VA panel that apparently “matches the natural curve of the human eye”. Complete immersion into games and films, a “3D-like effect” while gaming, and “nearly uniform viewing distances from the centre of the screen to its edges” are some of the boastings to be found in the press release.

Around October 19, you'll be able to verify these boastings for yourself at your local big box store.



With help from the VA (vertical alignment) panel, we have 178-degree viewing angles, plus a 4ms grey-to-grey response time, 3000:1 contrast ratio, 350 cd/m2 luminance rating, 60hz refresh rate, and LED-based backlight. Unfortunately, the resolution's only 1920x1080 (82 PPI), relatively low for a 27” screen.



Around back are VGA d-sub, HDMI, and DisplayPort video inputs. A VESA mounting bracket is also in tow for those with desk monitor arms, plus built-in 5w stereo speakers, a value-added extra that I'll assume will go unused for the majority of buyers.



All of this can be yours for around $430 next week. Flat 27” panels with otherwise similar specs can be found for some $200 less. Up to you whether the apparent ergonomic benefits of the Samsung S27D590C are worth not choosing something with a higher resolution and faster refresh rate.

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