Samsung and LG Will Help People Be Healthier With New Smartphones and Fitness Technology

Samsung Galaxy S5 and AccessoriesSamsung Galaxy S5 and Accessories

When the Samsung Galaxy S5 hits the market in April, it will feature some much anticipated upgrades, including a 16 megapixels camera and a fingerprint sensor. LG is prepared to reveal a cutting edge smartphone, in the first half of 2014, as well--the world's first curved smartphone. Both companies are poised to set a trend among smartphones, but not for these upgrades. Both the Galaxy S5 and LG G Flex will offer fitness gadgets as part of a package deal, and are poised to contribute to the fitness movement.

Samsung's Fitness Innovation

Gear FitGear Fit

Samsung's fitness gadgets include a fitband and two watches with heart rate sensors and pedometers. The Samsung Gear Fit, the fitband in the group, will track the wearers activities throughout the day and provide electronic coaching, if needed. The Gear 2 offers the heart rate sensor, coaching, pedometer as well as music. It also has a camera and functions more as a watch accessory than a fitband. The Gear 2 Neo is a scaled down version of the Gear 2. It offers the same features, without the camera, in a smaller version. Of course, they all connect to the Galaxy S5 via Bluetooth, and the S5 itself comes standard with its own heart rate sensor and the S Health app, which allows the user to set fitness goals and monitor their fitness routine.

LG's Fitness Innovation

 LG G FlexLG G Flex

The LG G Flex doesn't come with any pre-installed fitness apps, but it's fitband, the Lifeband Touch, works with popular fitness apps, like My Fitness Pal and Map My Fitness. Both the Lifeband Touch and the Heart Rate Earphones, which have sensors that can measure heart rate from blood flow in the inner ear, are Bluetooth equipped, so they can relay data to the G Flex and allow the user to track their activity.

Lifeband TouchLifeband TouchHeart Rate EarphonesHeart Rate Earphones

So Why Is This Important?

On the heels of a study that reports how little American men and women exercise (with minutes of vigorous exercise falling into meager double digit numbers a year for some), Samsung is set to release its fitness technology alongside its big smartphone seller. LG will do the same, releasing the Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones with a "first" in smartphones. This technology isn't new, but pairing it with smartphones is.

In an age that has seen technology facilitate inactivity and entertainment come increasingly from sedentary pastimes, the Galaxy S5 and LG G Flex are making fitness more accessible to the general public. Technology has made life easier for humans. We no longer have to forage for food, or kill it, or harvest it with our bare hands. Now, we get in our exercise at the gym, through sports, in exercise classes, or by taking runs. However, for some people, who lead relatively sedentary lives, fitness is an unknown realm, and the unknown is always a daunting undertaking.

In general, "fitness people" are the ones buying the fitness gadgets. People who's lives don't include that fitness aspect usually aren't familiar with technology that makes a healthy lifestyle an easier undertaking. However, the smartphone is a more universal product. By offering fitness gadgets as a part of a package plan with a smartphone, Samsung and LG are not only catering to the fitness world, but they're making it easier for inactive people to begin a journey toward a healthy lifestyle.