Samsung And Trek Take Bikes Into Next Generation

Even though bicycles have evolved over time, not only in the materials used in their construction but also in the way they are designed, that evolution was not so much "tech-friendly" as happened with cars, for example. Bicycles are not exactly developed with smarthphones in mind, but all that is about to change.

At the 2014 of Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Samsung presented, in a partnership with the bicycle manufacturer Trek, prototype bicycles which promise to revolutionize the way we "communicate" with these two wheel vehicles.

There were various prototypes presented, each of them having slight differences. In general, they had a dock in the handlebar in order to place a smartphone there, as you can see in the picture above. Not only smartphones, but also Samsung Galaxy Gear (smartwatch).

Another possible configuration is to dock your smartphone in the handlebar and have the Galaxy Gear on your wrist. This way, you can measure your biometric data, how fast the bike is going, the cadence, and the distance. Probably it will allow GPS connection as well, making it a mounted GPS system to your bike.

Another interesting feature is the ability to power your docked gadget using energy from the pedals. This means that the bike can charge your smartphone using the energy produced by your pedaling, most likely using some kind of generator in the pedals. While this is not exactly a novelty, utilizing clean energy it is always something to be saluted.

For the moment this were only prototypes, so there is not confirmation whatsoever that Samsung will dive into the bike market and boost it with its devices. Anyhow, it is interesting to see that a giant tech such as Samsung pays attention to the social evolution - it is a well established fact that, more and more, people are ditching cars or public transportation for their short trips.

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